Garbo - Anna Christie

Garbo – Anna Christie



Garbo – Anna Christie is available as a giclee canvas print. All prints are made with professional, large format printers and use archival pigment-based inks to prevent fading.  It comes unstretched and rolled in a tube.
Canvas prints look great with or without frames.
20 x 24 inches

Garbo – Anna Christie

Anna Christie was Garbo’s first talkie. It came out with the slogan “Garbo Talks”. It is essentially about a fallen woman who finds love at a seafront bar (the character was new territory for Garbo). It was released in 1930, and it was unknown if she would be able to make the transition to talkies, since so many other famous actors of the day couldn’t. This role, which is regarded as one of her best, proved to be a turning point in her career.

Original Drawing:

Charcoal on Paper
24 x 20 inches
Available  $2,200